Don’t Teach For America, teach for real

If you are one of the many students who may apply to this controversial program, be aware of all options rather than only listening to the loudest voice in the room. TFA threatens the wellbeing of students, their communities, and, at times, their own recruits, so don’t Teach For America. Teach for real.

Reflection Guide — Young Teachers Collective

No boot camp or “how to” guide makes a good teacher. It requires many cycles of preparation, practice, and reflection. Together, we must think deeply about our students, curricula, communities, languages, and identities, and we must do so often. That’s why this space, the Young Teachers Collective blog, exists.

Teaching and Social Work

We don’t always know the root of students’ problems, so we snip at the individual branches. It’s easy to jump to conclusions about kids’ “bad choices” or students not “applying” themselves, but that runs the risk of blaming the victim, all the while ignoring the underlying reasons.

Little Memories of a Year Past

In Spanish, souvenirs are called recuerditos or little memories. I prefer the Spanish word because, for me, “souvenir” conjures images of Chinese-produced plastic featuring meaningless iconography at best or offensive stereotypes at worst. Plus, the items spread out before me actually do carry memories of the people and experiences most dear to me during this past year.